Security surveillance systems used to rely on analog cameras. But, when you need a more flexible and cost-effective way to monitor your premises, you may want to invest in IP cameras. An Internet Protocol (IP) camera is a digital video camera capable of receiving and delivering the image data over the internet. Unlike analog CCTV systems, it does not require a local recording device. This way, it is more efficient at transferring more information, a feature that is critical when viewing footage in real-time. IP camera installation companies can help you realize more benefits of using this type of system over analog, so be sure to work with the right service provider.

CCTV systems with IP cameras can be either wireless or wired. Regardless of your set up, you can rely on the cameras to record images at a higher resolution. You can zoom in without worrying about the image becoming blurry. IP camera installation companies can provide equipment that can capture video with a higher megapixel count, such as three megapixels, which provides six times the resolution. Moreover, they will make sure that you have an IP system that can handle all that information, so you do not have to wait too long to find the exact footage you need.

IP camera installations make it easier to go through the footage to find significant events. With an analog camera, you would have to watch the entire video until you find what you need. IP camera installation companies can provide a system that is capable of flagging events according to certain parameters, like tampering and motion detection.

Analog systems have a limit to the number of cameras you can connect to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Moreover, they require cabling. IP cameras eliminate all those problems by using a Network Video Recorder (NVR) that can run every camera in a particular range to one switch, which can then run back to your NVR. This way, you can eliminate the costs associated with cable installation and maintenance. Look up reputable and police certified IP camera installation companies to get access to high-quality products that can get you started with your own IP security surveillance system. Reputable companies will customize the solution to suit your unique needs and budget.