Video Surveillance has become a necessity in today’s business environment, even for the home purpose as well. With the wide acceptance of the IP surveillance system, the face of the Analog systems has not reached their end of life as most of you think. However, due to several parameters, analog systems still satisfy user expectations at a greater level. Digital video recorder (DVR) has an important role in bringing the analog cameras to the modern period. DVR simply converts the analog CCTV video signal to digital signals allowing the users to view the videos in a quality digital format. Conversely, by integrating DVR with the analog surveillance systems, it will be easy for you to manage and view the video feeds in a much-refined manner.

Samsung Techwin’s name is more synonymous with the CCTV surveillance products and services. Samsung DVR is designed to provide users with quality images while preserving the storage space. Having different channel models, Samsung DVRs has the ability to meet the requirements that the organization has to accommodate. CCTV Dubai is fully matured to respond to the challenges of designing and organizing the CCTV surveillance with the Samsung Hanwha Techwin products. The count of successful projects we have delivered in Dubai to wide industries itself is enough to rely on us for the CCTV Camera installation in Dubai.

The Hanwha Techwin presents varied channel DVRs and it includes the 16 Channel DVR, 8 Channel DVR, 4 Channel DVR, and AHD-DVRs. Moreover, with the right CCTV Company in Dubai, you have the choice to pick from the assortment of Samsung DVRs in Dubai in accord with your requirements and applications.


The 4 Channel Samsung DVRs are designed to work with cost-sensitive applications without any compromise on the video quality and storage space. This 4 channel DVR is mostly demanded a varied type of requirements. As a result, it carries the feature of real-time lay back and the ability to record real-time videos in 4CIF (4 times larger than the CIF images) format through selected channels.

The 8 channel Samsung DVR is suitable for any application requirement and it ranges from economical to full-featured DVRs. Conversely, like the 16 channel DVR it has the capability of real-time lay back and to record real-time videos. In 4CIF (4 times larger than the CIF images) format through selected channels. Some DVR extends the capability of convenient backup.

Samsung delivers a range of high performance 16 channel DVRs. Although, it features the real-time playback and has the ability to record real time in 4CIF format through selected channels.