Hikvision ANPR Camera

Incorporating HD image quality, high speed ANPR recognition, zoom capability and long range pulsed IR lighting into one efficient unit, the CCTV Solutions range sets new standards for intelligent ANPR cameras. CCTV Solutions intelligent ANPR cameras combine the pedigree of our HD and Analogue ranges alongside a powerful, yet eco friendly, ANPR processor to create formidable all-in-one ANPR cameras, the CCTV Solutions range. These cameras set new benchmarks in easy installation, long life, low maintenance, high quality and superb ANPR recognition.

Supporting a wide range of sectors for many years
CCTV Solutions has been supporting a wide range of Hikvision ANPR Cameras to sectors for many years and are able to meet the needs of varying solutions through the provision of bespoke products. Being able to seamlessly fit into existing systems or provide a full solution from the start, has led to a provision of ANPR technology across multiple sectors throughout the UAE.

Hikvision ANPR Camera (Car Parking Management)

Hikvision ANPR Camera Efficient Parking Management relies upon the seamless integration of superior ANPR technology to ensure the highest performance, accuracy and functionality. The IQ and IQX high specification intelligent ANPR camera ranges provide all parking management users with these benefits as standard but offer further flexibility, reliability and productivity through the combination of specialist experience, quality control and continual product evaluation and advancement.

Having worked with partners within the parking market for more than 20 years, CCTV Solutions has been able to develop intelligent ANPR cameras that meet the unique requirements of the parking environment. Starting with easy set-up of all IQ and IQX ANPR cameras through the use of truEZoom® technology, the feature rich controls have been designed to meet the individual needs of, not just each partner, but of each setting. Site specific options allow for multiple communication channels, split data streams, bidirectional capture and storage capacity of over 1,000,000 plate reads should on-site communication ever face any downtime.

Hikvision ANPR Camera

As well as controlling the high quality design and manufacture of our ANPR ranges, CCTV Solutions has developed recognition capabilities that can overcome challenges faced with low quality or damaged licence plates. With the ability to work in all light and weather conditions and identify plates of varying visibility, CCTV Solutions range of ANPR cameras are developed to offer the greatest benefits to our parking management partners:


The ability to identify vehicles at parking entrances can provide major benefits for businesses, local authorities, and a range of other organizations. Now, managers in any area can improve entrance security to schools, offices, and factories, for instance, or to implement road tolling, and much more.

In the past, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) has been costly, unreliable, and only relevant for a limited number of applications. Errors were commonplace and the available hardware could not read every licence plate reliably, and so could not operate without human confirmation. Additionally, low-light areas, oblique vantage points, and non-standard characters caused issues in detecting and capturing number plates.

Today’s ANPR cameras, engineered with deep learning algorithms and GPU processors, are extremely accurate – more than sufficient to overcome previous challenges.

Hikvision’s ANPR systems “learn” number plate information within a scene, recognizing a much higher number of automobile plates and with much higher efficiency than conventional ANPR systems. They also no longer require the frequent and often cumbersome camera positioning adjustments.