How Often Should You Have Your CCTV Systems Serviced?

Every modern home and office needs a reliable and robust security system. These days, installing CCTV cameras is the best measure to go with. Hiring one of the top agencies providing CCTV installation services in Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah is recommended. On seeking a professional brand, you can rest assured that your CCTV surveillance system will be regularly maintained.

How often should a CCTV system be checked?

Every property owner asks the same question. What is the right interval for checking the security cameras? It is very important to maintain the CCTV surveillance system to keep the protection barrier up every day.

Due to business and responsibilities, owners often forget to perform a maintenance job on the security system. This is where hiring a professional CCTV installation agency is ideal. CP Plus provides the top CCTV solutions and provides regular CCTV maintenance to Dubai as per the client’s demand. As per the experts, a surveillance system should be checked at least once a year. It also depends on the type of system you have availed of for protecting your assets.

What elements are checked in a CCTV maintenance service?

A CCTV surveillance health check will cover the following entities.

  • Batteries

Batteries are part and parcel of a CCTV surveillance system. It is recommended to check the batteries at least twice a year. The older CCTV security systems need a checkup once in 3 months.

  • Cameras

The indoor and outdoor cameras should be cleaned, wiped, and re-oriented during the CCTV maintenance service in Ajman. The flexibility of movable cameras should be checked. The footage discrepancies should be eliminated too. It should be done at least two times a year or after a harsh season.

  • Sensors

Cameras are now much smarter than before. The design contains different sensors that activate and notify owners when any suspicious activity is detected within the compound. A professional maintenance agency should check these sensors.

  • Damaged parts

Any part of the security system worn out due to regular use will be detected and replaced in time.

Why seek professional CCTV maintenance in Sharjah?

Checking your CCTV system will increase the lifespan of your security system. The elements mentioned above will need proper monitoring so that you can get a relentless service. This can only be done by an experienced CCTV installation and maintenance service provider. A professional agency will cover all the aspects and provide a one-stop maintenance solution you need.