The use of CCTV surveillance for the business and residence security is common now these days. Though the adoption of CCTV security systems can be perceived as a security measure, the security system can bring productivity and efficiency as well. Although, You should take into account the benefits of using the security cameras when you have decided to go for the CCTV security.

A good and experienced CCTV provider can help you to plan and implement a proper surveillance system at the workplace. Because the IP cameras are capable of producing high quality images, the IP surveillance system is becoming now a favorable option for the industries across the world. Grandstream Network Video recorder plays a crucial role in the IP surveillance system.
Network video recorder does the recording and management of the videos.


Grandstream NVR Dubai

Grandstream NVR Dubai

The Grandstream NVRs provide a devoted video recording and live monitoring solution for small and medium industries and residential users. 

Grandstream NVR is a perfect solution for IP surveillance recording and managing. It offers video recording, searching and video storage for many IP video cameras. Grandstream comes with the powerful NVR as well. It offers the same features such as the recording, indexing. And it also include video storage management of up to 24 IP video cameras. 

CCTV Security Installation Looks Easier With CCTV Dubai

We have provided a variety of CCTV installations in UAE and with the successful deliveries of projects across wide industries, CCTV Dubai is recognized as the leading CCTV solution provider in UAE. Similarly, We are the masters in providing a perfect CCTV solution to industries of all kinds and sizes. It present solutions with world class, Grandstream IP cameras, and NVRs. The function in other emirates of UAE as well. Moreover, It includes Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, and also Ajman. Conversely, the other Axis products we deal with comprise Axis IP cameras as well.