GRANDSTREAM CCTV DUBAI, Security systems are quickly becoming the most flexible and secure option for surveillance. When developing the surveillance systems. It is important to select the cameras and also other accessories that meet the requirements of your organization and installation. This includes selecting the precise types of cameras to the locations where it is needed to install. Varied types of Analog as well as IP cameras are available today. No matter what your needs are, but choosing the types of cameras that provide maximum benefits will be much effective.

Grandstream, who is a global leader in telecommunications is also the pioneer in providing the Grandstream CCTV security systems as well. The brand is into the design and development of surveillance solutions including the IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, and Video management software. CCTV Dubai is instrumental in bringing the surveillance systems to industries across various domains with the Grandstream IP cameras and Network Video recorders. As a solution to meet the challenges mostly in the streaming over the networks, the Grandstream has responded to this challenge by developing advanced products that have a variety of choices and features.

With the Grandstream surveillance system, CCTV Dubai has managed to render solutions to the business of all sizes and the industries including the retail, law, IT, educational institutions, hospitality and residential. The Grandstream has the portfolio of IP products that gives a fully digital surveillance system across a wide variety of security applications.

Grandstream CCTV in Dubai comprises of:

  • HD IP cameras
  • Network Video Recorders
  • Video Management Software
  • Encoders and Decoders


High Definition IP Cameras

IP cameras have a prominent place in the IP surveillance systems. There are several factors to be considered for implementing successful IP surveillance systems. The Grandstream IP cameras have all the features as well as standards that secured IP surveillance is required. The IP cameras come in a variety of shapes and also designs intended to fit for any residential as well as business applications. It features the full High Definition solution and encompasses the characteristic to notify the users in the event of any prohibited access. A wide-angle monitoring facility makes this product a perfect choice.

It has the following features:he hotels, banks, retail shops, warehouses and buildings. The cameras are weatherproof and it is also equipped with the image sensor processor which allows brilliant performance against all lighting conditions.

    • Supports variable focal length.
    • Weatherproof casing.
    • Integrated Power over Ethernet.
    • Supports Motion Detection.
    • Send alerts in case of any security threats.
    • Support integration with third-party speakers.
  • Support integration with also third-party Microphones.
  • Provides Encryption security.
  • 1080p HD.
  • SIP support.
  • Supports Plug and Play with other Grandstream IP cameras.

Network Video Recorder

Network Video recorder is to be used with IP cameras. An NVR utilizes the network to send as well as receive the data and also is best to use for the remote monitoring of your surveillance system from smartphones, tablets, as well as computers. Since the IP surveillance is emerging, incorporating an NVR in the system boosts the system in a way you want. NVR is a perfect choice for managing multiple cameras from a centralized location. It enables us to store large-sized video files and can also keep it for long for future viewing. It makes it possible to view the videos from multiple cameras through a single interface.

With the Grandstream NVR, you can record videos and can also monitor real-time. It is ideal for business of all types. It has the function of auto-detecting Grandstream cameras as well as offers the facility of integrating with other party devices and alarm devices.

The features include:

  • Video recording.
  • Indexing and also searching.
  • Video storage management for up to 16 Network cameras.
  • Allows Automatic detection of cameras, encoders, and also decoders.
  • Fully customizable recording rules.
  • Fully secured with access control, event system logs, as well as encryption.
  • Supports Motion Detection.
  • Alerts.
  • Supports SIP Video.
  • 1080p HD.
  • Video Management Software.