CCTV Solutions for Factories

CCTV for Factories is essential in today’s day and age. With increased crime rates, being able to monitor large spaces easily is vital in modern factories. CCTV systems offer an enhanced level of control across factory premises, enhancing the capabilities of security and supervision measures, order to maintain a high standard of care for both staff and customers, along with the products themselves.

CCTV systems provide around the clock surveillance helping to safeguard equipment, stock and staff. Unauthorized access can also be prevented without any extra costs. More sophisticated CCTV systems feature perimeter and intruder detection.

If you are a big businessman or have several factories and shops then you must have CCTV Cameras at your enterprises.

CCTV Solutions for Factories

Importance of CCTV for Factories

Deters Theft:

CCTV provides a solution to deter theft from both internal and external sources, while also serving as video evidence in the event of unlawful activity.

Health & Safety:

CCTV helps in monitoring and maintaining the high level of safety required in factory environments, by identifying possible hazards from unsafe working conditions or practices, further ensuring all health and safety guidelines are being followed.

Quality Control:

CCTV allows employers to ensure that the correct levels or productivity are being maintained, while also identifying possible areas for future improvement.

Remote Monitoring:

No matter how big your factory is, CCTV network allows a variety of areas to be monitored at once, which is ideal for large companies who wish to maintain a high level of security.


CCTV provides greater security for large areas. Security guards will be required to carry out fewer patrols and instead spend more time monitoring live footage, perfect for large warehouses and factories.

Enhanced Access Control & Intruder Detection:

CCTV can be combined with alarm systems and entrances to detect and prevent intruders more efficiently, without increasing on-site staffing.

CCTV Solutions for Factories
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Better Product Tracking:

With a CCTV System, employees can be caught stealing an item or two from the production cue. Further a CCTV footage can be used as an evidence in worst case scenarios.

Improves Cash Handling:

Apart from products that employees may steal, cash is another thing that you can lose. CCTV can help you monitor cash handling and POS transactions.

Round-the-clock Coverage:

Thieves like to break into factories at night. It is the time when there are fewer people present. But with a CCTV in place, you can enjoy round-the-clock coverage, seven days a week.

Key Factors to consider when installing a CCTV System for a Manufacturing Site

Factories can vary widely in type and manufacturing capabilities. You can choose a Surveillance system depending upon your requirements. Here are a few focal points which will help you select an appropriate security system for your site.

CCTV Solutions for Factories

Finding the right spot:

The location happens to be a critical factor. CCTV Solutions for Factories have several areas and each of those segments is meant for manufacturing and storage of separate goods. Locate CCTV Cameras in wide open areas such as work floors, at all entry doors and exit doors, this includes your shipping and delivery as well as receiving areas, where things of value are stored, in offices and management areas, outdoor cameras to protect the facility and building from vandalism and theft while documenting all visitors.

Camera types:

From dome-shaped to zoom-cameras, there won’t be a dearth of options for you. All you need to do is understand your specific requirements, and then make the choice.

Camera Resolution:

Getting your systems installed by the leading service providers will inevitably provide you crystal clear images and real-time video feeds.

Audio Quality:

Some of the latest CCTV camera systems come with pristine audio quality. As a result, you not only get to view high-quality images but also listen to clear audio clippings.

NVR: If you handle multiple types of manufacturing, manage a very large factory or multiple locations; consider an NVR (network video recorder) to make monitoring all your facilities easier.

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