CCTV Camera installation company in Dubai

Every single home and office in the United Arab Emirates needs security cameras. You must ensure that your family and assets are completely safe and secured as a homeowner. Therefore, a security camera or CCTV becomes essential. CCTV Solutions understands the need for your safe space and offers security camera installation in Dubai. A wide variety of security systems, including NVR systems, CCTV camera systems, DVR systems, and IP camera systems with various brands, sizes, and resolutions, are installed according to the need & location of your home. CCTV Solutions implements access control systems that ensure quick, efficient and economical security of the home. Our systems allow you to simultaneously monitor every area of your property by combining up to four high-resolution CCTV security cameras.


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CCTV Camera installation company in Dubai

You may think CCTV security services are not necessary for you but let us tell you according to statistics of Canada the places with CCTV cameras are 65% less subjected to the threat of theft & crimes. Now think again about the sense of safety & security you can bring into your life by placing a simple CCTV security camera outside. You are responsible for the security of people you live with. Stop living in uncertainty & state of fear. Let us help you out to find a best plan for you


We provide a variety of cameras, including wired and wireless models, for your convenience and, most importantly, the security of your loved ones. An IP camera, (Internet protocol camera), is a particular kind of digital security camera that transmits and receives video data over an IP network. Compared to CCTV cameras, IP cameras today have a significantly greater resolution. When compared to analog cameras, IP cameras have a far higher spatial resolution because of their higher resolution.

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