Installing security cameras on commercial premises is a key business security measure to prevent theft and vandalism throughout the year. CCTV monitoring is one of the most common forms of surveillance available today.

Axis Communications AB is a Swedish manufacturer of network cameras for the physical security and video surveillance industries. It is considered to be the global market leader in network cameras with quality far surpassing its nearest competitors. Axis offers end to end security surveillance system for small business to large enterprise.

Axis Network Video Recorder

Axis Network Video Recorders

Axis offers a wide range of network video surveillance solutions which include cameras and encoders, Video Management Software and recorders, analytics and applications.

With an Axis Network Video recorder, you get an easy-to-install and reliable High Definition solution perfectly adapted to Axis wide range of network products. The recorders are preloaded with all necessary software including video management software licenses.

The recorders are available as standalone workstations for office environments as well as rack servers for installation in server rooms.

AXIS Camera Station S11 Recorder Series

• Optimized for Axis network products
• Quick system setup and intuitive operation
• Flexible storage options
• Extensive support available
• AXIS Camera Station licenses included

AXIS Camera Station S22 Appliance Series

• All-in-one solution with integrated PoE switch
• Flexible storage options including RAID
• Ease of installation
• Validated with extensive support
• AXIS Camera Station licenses included

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Axis Network Video Recorder

AXIS S3008 Recorder

• Compact recorder with integrated PoE switch
• Easy to install and operate
• Surveillance-grade hard drive
• USB port for exporting video
• 5-year warranty

Desktop Terminals

• Ease of installation
• Preconfigured
• Optimized hardware
• High Definition surveillance up to 4K
• Extensive support
• AXIS Camera Station included