Axis IP CCTV Camera focus on surveillance at all levels of business can assure the greatest chance of success. Keeping your business safe and secure is significant. While it seems that break-in or other illegal activities will never happen. Whereas,  the truth is that now most of the businesses are vulnerable to theft and other illicit happenings.

Video surveillance could help the business to keep a watch on the activities. Where it allows recording the happenings in and out of the businesses. However, it is important to have proper surveillance in place since it is an integral part of your security solution. Luckily there are analog surveillance and IP surveillance system available and depending upon your budget and your requirement, you can choose the analog cameras or IP cameras. If you are searching for high quality images, greater ease of use and better search facilities, then IP cameras would be a good option for you.

Advantages of having IP surveillance system are plenty and it includes the high quality images, intelligent video capabilities, easy installation and integration and much.


Axis IP Cameras Dubai

Axis IP CCTV Camera Dubai presents wide assortment of finest IP cameras that are designed for various surveillance needs. And it includes good range coverage, features that provide clear vision in difficult lighting conditions and more. Moreover, it also provides advanced analytic features such as motion detection, tampering alarm and audio detection. Adept in providing CCTV solutions all over UAE, CCTV Dubai is considered as the leader in the CCTV installation in Dubai. With Axis IP surveillance system, you can access the video surveillance from anywhere inside the business.

Axis IP cameras come in varied types. And similarly, it includes fixed cameras, fixed dome cameras, PTZ cameras, Panoramic cameras. It also contains modular cameras, onboard cameras, thermal cameras, and explosion protected cameras.

As the name suggests, fixed cameras have a fixed viewing direction. Fixed dome cameras come with a dome casing and with its design, it is unpredictable to see in which direction it is pointing.

Axis PTZ cameras enable focusing the images with wide range coverage and provide pan, tilt and also zoom features. Conversely, it supports many features such as auto tracking, weather proofing, advanced function for intelligent video applications etc…

Axis Panoramic camera is ideal for surveillance applications that need wider coverage in a single shot. By providing a 360 degree view, it is a good option for monitoring activities in a larger area. Axis thermal cameras are the perfect choice for noticing people and objects in 24 / 7 surveillance.